Friday, December 5, 2008


We are please to announce "Ryan McGinness's sign show" at Zakka!

No Sin/ No Future is an artist's book by Ryan McGinness.
The book is a collaged collection of snapshots, sketched,
and scans, culled from the artist's studio archives.
Sketchbook notes collide with photos of painting-in-progress
and combine with vectors and bitmaps creating a dense
site-specific visual mash-up that provides insight into the
mind and process of the artist.
Hard cover 8.5x11in. / 168 pp. / CMYK + Silver / Limited Edition of 2,500

Please do not miss it! It is 2,500 limited edition.

December 13th ( Saturday ) 6:00 to 9:00pm

RYAN McGINNESSが新刊、” NO SIN / NO FUTURE " をリリースします。
本はいつもの様にかなり凝った作りになっていて、図版は’’NO SIN / NO FUTURE '' 展として、
ソウルと香港のCAIS Galleryでの個展からの抜粋となっています。2500部限定。
今回、リリースにあわせ、ZAKKA NYCにてサイン会のイベントを行います。
DEC.13TH. SAT. 6-9 PM.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

APPEAR !! " GUUMON '' at New York City

Monster Toys, that are created by Designer Brian Mahony, are gathering in NY
Brian, who is interested in Japanese Kaijyu monsters and the design, is a Graphic Designer
and has made the vinyl new taste designed monsters.
They are individually all hand painted and limited edition, so they are designed characteristic
with brilliant colors.
It is the genuine '' OTAKU ART TOY '', isn't it?
Zakka special version available at show.

SHOW : Dec. 1st. -- 29th.
PARTY: Dec. 6th ( Sat.) 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Meet Designer and enjoy music by " DJ ECKS "


日本の怪獣カルチャー、デザインが大好きというGraphic Designer BRIAN MAHONYが
大量生産にはない個性的で鮮やかな色彩。これぞ本当の'' OTAKU ART TOY ''ではないでしょうか?
ZAKKA NYCに限定特別バージョンも作ってくれました。

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Freedamn 7 features the 1950s beach fashions! The Harley-Davidson Museum's official book

New Available!

My Freedamn! 7, about 800 vintage aloha shirts,
manufactured in 1930s to 1950s, are shown up in very
heavy 312-pages volumes.

Must see for Hawaiian culture loves and vintage clothing

We also received very rare title by CYCLEMAN BOOKS...
This new title was edited by Rin Tanaka, in order to be requested by Harley-Davidson Museum, which was just opened in Milwaukee, July 12th, 2008! About 600 old fashion photos of Harley-Davidson riders in 1910s-1950s, owned by Harley-Davidson Archives, were selected and edited by Rin Tanaka.

Also lots of vintage fashion products like motorcycle jackets, kidney belts, boots and hats were apeared in very heavy 312- page volumes!

It features lots of old but super kool fashion histories of Harley-Davidson riders, living in 1910s-1950s.

Friday, September 26, 2008

New Website

We have finally been renewal our web and are pleased to update new items and remarkable information through Zakka's original selection.

遂にWEBがリニューアルしました。これからは新しい商品やZAKKA NYC 独自の視点で、気になる情報をアップしていきます。NEWSセクションは英語と日本語のバイリンガルで表示します。日本のシーンを伝えるセクションもありますので、日本のクリエイターの皆さんからの情報も待っています。

Monday, September 22, 2008

DUMBO Art Festival

DUMBO Art Festival (Sep.26-28) is held once every year.
Around Zakka area, a lot of designers and artists have their office or studio.
You enjoy plenty of events and open studios leisurely.
When you are tired, take a break at the park under the Brooklyn bridge with some drink and nice view.

年一回開催される”DUMBO ART FESTIVAL". 今年は9/26(Friday)-9/28(Sun.)まで様々な場所でいろいろなイベントがあります。ZAKKAが移転したこのエリアには多くのアーティストやデザインカンパニーがスタジオを構えています。ギャラリーイベントに加え、彼らのスタジオをオープンしたショーも楽しめます。そして歩き疲れたらBROOKLYN BRIDGE PARKでコーヒーでも飲みながらほっこりと対岸のマンハッタンの景色を見ながら、思いを馳せましょう。

more info

Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Items!!

We carry "IDEA" By-monthly magazine. Japanese publisher produce beautiful design magazine with Japanese and English language. Some issues are so popular that they are sold out quickly.
For more detail, please check their web site ""