Friday, December 5, 2008


We are please to announce "Ryan McGinness's sign show" at Zakka!

No Sin/ No Future is an artist's book by Ryan McGinness.
The book is a collaged collection of snapshots, sketched,
and scans, culled from the artist's studio archives.
Sketchbook notes collide with photos of painting-in-progress
and combine with vectors and bitmaps creating a dense
site-specific visual mash-up that provides insight into the
mind and process of the artist.
Hard cover 8.5x11in. / 168 pp. / CMYK + Silver / Limited Edition of 2,500

Please do not miss it! It is 2,500 limited edition.

December 13th ( Saturday ) 6:00 to 9:00pm

RYAN McGINNESSが新刊、” NO SIN / NO FUTURE " をリリースします。
本はいつもの様にかなり凝った作りになっていて、図版は’’NO SIN / NO FUTURE '' 展として、
ソウルと香港のCAIS Galleryでの個展からの抜粋となっています。2500部限定。
今回、リリースにあわせ、ZAKKA NYCにてサイン会のイベントを行います。
DEC.13TH. SAT. 6-9 PM.